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Love this app, havent won anything yet. But still fun, and all it takes is luck, family of 5 could use some luck.

Hope to win


Cool so far ! Just pray and believe and youll get something..

Love it

Love playing this game everyday. Just wish I can win some will cash

Nice pch App

I like this pch App. It is easy to use.


This is a fast way to let you know, That I am still alive and kicking. No fun aside. You guys are part of My family and I like to stay in touch with all of you. Love you. I P PS I am giving the app an 10 PLUS


This is so much fun. Every day I love it.

Fun - but...

I really enjoy the time kill - but will give you a 1 star until you get rid of ads where you automatically click because of the tiny (fake?) "X".

Keeps you going

The games are fun, awards lots of coins and gives more chances to win.


This app like The PCH lotto app, will absolutely destroy your data due to the ads that you cannot avoid after absolutely everything you do. Completing all of the entries is already time-consuming, doing it with the app takes twice as much time because of all of the unavoidable ads.

Love it

Love the app. Great improvements from the past version. Much easier to navigate.

PCH app

Love this app!

One of the better apps

It easy to use and fun


Nice fun app

Great app

Love this app! Its a lot of fun!


I love pch and playing their games. I have great grandkids that I would like to be able to do things with but being on social security I cant do a lot of things.

Super addictive

I love this app its super addictive Wish I could win some money but I havent yet! Keeping my fibers crossed because lord knows I need it!

Pretty good

Games are fun, but I doubt you will actually win anything more than tokens

Great app. I play the games all the time.


Great app. So much faster and I like the alerts it gives you so you dont miss any entries

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